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      品名: LUXWELL│Alpha 8
      說明:Revolutionary Breakthrough and Visionary Design

      Do you long for a space where you can relax, to escape from the busyness of everyday life? Here, in the Luxwell UFO Massage Chair, you can find that soothing, intimate space, and just enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

      We merged the traditional massage chair design with patented alpha wave technology to bring you a product that will exceed expectations.

      1. Double roller for the back.
      2. Three different massage settings for the feet: tapping, kneading, waving and rolling.
      3. Three Alpha wave technologies in the helmet: light, sound, and music.
      4. 216* Inversion.
      5. Special easy assembly mechanic.

Back Massage Length 69cm /27.1”
Angle Span 115 – 216 Degrees
Voltage AC100V-240V 50-60Hz
Watt 120W
Resting Dimensions 150cm(L) x 114cm(W) x 150cm(H) / 59”(L) x 45”(W) x 59”(H)
Reclining Dimensions 205cm(L) x 114cm(W) x 90cm(H) / 81” (L)x 45”(W) x 35”(H)
Weight 117kg / 258lb
Max User Weight 150kg / 330lb
Place of Origin Made in Taiwan
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